„Crafted to fix – PLATOX®

Individual design panels – refined with CARAMOR® limestone marble plaster

Now, with PLATOX®, you can also enjoy the familiar versatile look and feel of our CARAMOR®. Suitable for wall, floor or shower. You will now also receive our surface versatility on a wide range of tailored cut carrier materials. PLATOX® offers you flexibility in the design of your walls, floors and ceilings – quick and easy to use and replace. This is what our new product PLATOX® stands for.

The design elements can be, for example, MDF, HDF, screen printing or aluminum composite panels. The size, strength and the associated weight of the carrier material will be selected by us according to your intended purpose – so that you can get the perfect solution for your needs from us. Depending on the application, the panels can be glued, clicked, permanently or flexibly installed. In the same way we can also use the carrier material you have provided to us to manufacture PLATOX®.