One sample says more than 1,000 words

Present the FRESCOLORI®-Caramor® limestone marble render surfaces in a new vivid manner and come with us on a tour around the FRESCOLORI® world!

We look forward to being able to present our handmade FRESCOLORI® samples book to you – because samples say more than 1,000 words. The FRESCOLORI® samples book is a robust and impressive collections folder in which you can keep the FRESCOLORI® samples book folder safe. See, feel and experience a selection of our FRESCOLORI® Caramor® limestone marble render surfaces with the help of our FRESCOLORI® samples book folder. In this way, you can supplement your FRESCOLORI® samples book piece by piece.

FRESCOLORI® – The Art of Better Living.



FRESCOLORI® Structure is our simple and naturally maintained surface made from a single layer of CARAMOR®.

The samples book folder, FRESCOLORI® Structure contains a large sample panel 16 x 16 cm in size and 40 small sample panels 3.5 x 3.5 cm in size. 40 different appealing sample colour shades are available. A price list with recommended prices is also enclosed.

* The colours shown may vary from the original!