FRESCOArt – the graphically artistic underlining of our FRESCOLORI Caramor

The new FRESCOArt products from FRESCOLORI offer another possibility for custom designing walls and ceilings ranging from objectively modern, artistically playful right up to effectively antique. You can select a motif either from a painted picture, a photo, lettering right up to your corporate logo.

The pigments from the picture motifs are copied to the wall or ceiling with the help of a transfer film. The picture motif is processed by us in-house and printed out with the large-sized plotter. The design is then sent to the processor in rolled up form for further execution.

First, the wall is covered with the FRESCOArt adhesive. The FRESCOArt film is placed on it and allowed to dry overnight. The next day, the base material is removed and, if needed, the film is protected additionally with FRESCOArt finish.

Please feel free to discuss any ideas and implementation possibilities for your choice of design with us!

We look forward to designing something unique together with you.