The PLATOX® system was developed for situations in which it is not possible, or doesn’t make sense, to use FRESCOLORI® fine plaster on site. Instead base panels are coated to choice with the desired plaster and delivered smoothed and finished. This makes our complete surface variety available on various, individually customised base materials. With PLATOX® we offer flexibility in the design of walls, ceilings and floors – quickly and easily replaceable or exchangeable. Above all, the system is well suited for when there is no time,

or too little time, for the filling and drying phases on site. You will receive completed, smoothed panels which can be glued or clicked into place on site, depending on the application. MDF, HDF, silk screen, Resopal or Kömacel (PVC) panels are, for example, suitable base panels and can be specified according to need. The size and strength as well as the dependent weight of the materials depend on the intended use and your wishes. Savour the trusted, versatile look and feel of our special and adaptable design panels with our PLATOX® system.


  • Design element

  • Interchangeable & flexible

  • Various grain sizes, colours and effects


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REAL METAL  wall finishing