CARTORA® design wallpaper is available in a variety of our surface textures and in 40 colours. Especially the concrete wallpaper is currently in great demand and leaves a noticeable impression.

The handmade strips of 0.99 m x 2.97 m each can be processed quickly and easily. The formwork joint, which is typical for exposed concrete, is processed directly in the product. Optionally, the joint can be reinforced by applying a special joint compound.

The wallpaper is hard-wearing and flame retardant (fire behaviour classification according to DIN 13501-1 (2019-05) B – s1, d0). In addition, light soiling can be easily removed with a damp sponge.

Thanks to the high-quality material and the first-class workmanship during production, you receive a product of outstanding quality, which will convince you with its optical properties and transport you into an urban and lofty ambience.

Frescolori® Cartora® Design-Tapete
Frescolori® Cartora® Design-Tapete B0 Farbton 423

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  • Preparing the lanes

    The dimensions of the individual panels are 1 x 3 metres. After measuring the wall, the track is adjusted in height.

  • Preparing the wall

    The adhesive supplied is applied in a thin layer to the primed wall.

  • Placing the first lane

    The sheet is promptly placed in the adhesive from top to bottom and straightened. Use a brush to smooth the surface.

  • Continue placing the lanes

    The next lanes are placed directly next to the previous lane without gaps.


  • Simple and time-saving attachment

  • The variety of our fleece-based fillers for wallpapering

  • CARTORA® offers a variety of surface structures in 40 different colours


CARTORA® is available in almost any colour. Simply select your desired colour from a standard colour chart of your painting company. The individual pigmentability of the product offers an incredible scope for design!

*Pictures are for illustration purposes only, screen colours may vary! Please always make your colour selection using a colour fan and tell us your desired colour shade using the colour number.


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