Walls that chime. INVISONO® combines the advantages of the FRESCOLORI® fine plaster with the refined technique of soundboards. These boards have a special design and are installed flat against the wall or ceiling. The subsequent over-plastering with a FRESCOLORI® limestone marble plaster ensures that the surface fits seamlessly with the rest of the wall and the speakers are completely invisible. The special characteristics of the plaster distribute the sound and achieve surface acoustics with a one-of-a-kind acoustic experience.

INVISONO® is available in various designs. Starting with the passive loudspeaker system, which is easily connected to the existing system, up to the Deluxe version with Dolby Surround 5.1/7.1. The resulting acoustic fields shine with precise sound of the highest quality. With this special technology the well-known limitless design possibility of all FRECOLORI® fine plasters are available as a finishing treatment, but use without the plaster is also possible. Let your walls chime with INVISONO®.


  • Combines the advantages of our fine plasters
    with the refined technique of soundboards

  • Surface acoustics with a one-of-a-kind acoustic
    experience. Everything is invisible!

  • Various grain sizes, colours and effects


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