FRESCOTON®– plastered concrete

FRESCOLORI® has developed an incredible surface –
concrete optics for an inspiring ambiance with a loft feel – FRESCOTON®.

The FRESCOTON®, which has received several international awards, is a novel filling compound, with fascinating properties: It can be applied to any substrate – whether it is plasterboard, plaster, plastic, metal or wood – and it produces a surface that looks as if cast from concrete, but it is almost 100% natural! By reducing it to the essentials, by the coolness and clarity of the material, the concrete optics free your mind for unusual ideas and inspire the imagination. Enjoy the inspiring ambiance of natural living and surround yourself with a flair of urban life.



Sixfold Award Winner

What makes FRESCOTON®so unique?


Could it be its recipe, its consistency? Its natural sustainability, its diversity? Or the fascinating atmosphere it creates? The answer lies in any and all of these: FRESCOTON® is a solution with many benefits! Its extraordinary materiality is due to a filling compound consisting mainly of Carrara marble. As a surface, this high-quality material mixture unfolds a healthy and fresh room climate that invites you to breathe – and thus supports the clear, puristic appearance of FRESCOTON®: Formats, joints and even different colours, from dark grey to cream, are freely selectable. They perfectly fit your ideas and visions!

How you decide: FRESCOTON® focuses every room on its essential effect and thereby unfolds its true character. FRESCOTON® thus creates a pure, urban sense of life – a characteristic that gives it the ability to become a classic. Spaces are transformed into habitats in which thoughts can unfold and creativity flows – a reason for the numerous awards. Find out more about FRESCOTON®: its material, its charisma, its sustainability and naturalness. Let yourself be enchanted by these lively surfaces and visit the design-oriented, inspiring business premises of FRESCOLORI® in Bocholt (or, of course, one of our certified applicators)!

Limestone, the main ingredient in FRESCOLORI® lime marble plaster,  goes through a burning process in the limekiln in which outcome lime (calcium oxide) is produced. Through the quenching process, slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) is generated.

Slaked lime is used in our products. The water evaporates after application to the wall or ceiling. On the other hand CO2 is absorbed from the surroundings. Through this process the slaked lime returns to being limestone with all its natural quality characteristics. Through completion of this cycle we create a real natural surrounding for you.

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Always the right tone

FRESCOTON® is truly unique – though with a yet unrivalled versatility. Straight from the combination of surface structure and colour tone you get almost infinite possibilities of expression! Behind this is a very wide colour palette: Almost every colour is available – you wish, we create. The colour shades are individually adapted and documented. This means not only an extremely careful production but also ensures that we can recreate exactly your colour at later re-orders. You will be amazed: You will find the same FRESCOTON® creative thinking in our service!



Many manufacturers appreciate the products as “outstanding”. We prefer to rely on the highly positive feedback from our customers and partners – but above all on the judgement of independent, savvy experts. And they are very enthusiastic FRESCOTON® has more product and design prizes than could fit on a wall …

good-design-logoGOOD DESIGN AWARD

Each year, The Chicago Athenaeum awards and presents the GOOD DESIGN Awards Program to the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic design in the world. GOOD DESIGN is an international symbol of the firm’s commitment to innovation and execution of sophisticated design. Materials and products are retrieved from the Permanent Design Collection and exhibited in the United States and abroad. One of the main factors for awarding the prize is whether a product can enrich the society and the lives of people through its design.



With an international independent jury of 27 renowned professional journalists and 23 competent strategic partners, as well as more than 600 international brands as participants, the Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation prize for technology, sport, and lifestyle. A Plus X Award seal of approval can be given to newly developed and innovative technologies, extraordinary designs, as well as to intelligent and simple operating concepts or products with good ergonomic and ecological features, with a comprehensive range of functions and produced with high-quality prime materials!

plus-x-award-bestes-produkt With their nominated products, all brands have the opportunity to receive a special award in addition to the Plus X Award seal of the individual categories: the “Best 2015/2016 Product” seal. This title is awarded to a product if it has been awarded with several seal of quality awards than received for the other products in the same product group – FRESCOTON won the seal as a single product in the “construction material” category.

iconic-awardICONIC AWARD 2015

The Iconic Awards is the first neutral, international architectural and design competition that takes the disciplines into account. Visionary architecture, innovative products, sustainable communication and holistic environmental design from all sectors of architecture, construction and real estate industries, as well as the manufacturing industry, are thus rewarded – every creation makes our world more beautiful and contributes to a higher quality of life.

An independent and expert jury of representatives from the fields of architecture, interior architecture, design and brand communication decides on the award of the Iconic Awards. The assessment criteria include overall concept, design quality, functionality, sustainability, and durability.

german-design-awardGERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2014

This is the international Premium price of the German Design Council. Design competence is awarded in the form of high-calibre products and projects, from product and communication design, as well as design personalities and young designers, who are all leading the way in the German and international design landscape! Due to the high quality of the participant field, the German Design Council also awards the „Special Mention“ award. This way, works whose design has particularly successful partial aspects or solutions, for example, FRESCOTON®, are further emphasised.

The German Design Council is the German trademark and design authority. Its most important mission: to represent German design. Founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag, as a foundation, it supports the economy by consistently achieving brand added value through design. The Design Council has become one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design.

reddot-award-2014RED DOT AWARD 2014

The Red Dot Award is an international award that recognizes the best products for design, quality, and innovation on both at international and at local, cultural, level. This prize stands for the highest design requirements and is, after an appropriate examination by an international jury (40 designers from 25 nations) very targeted and only awarded to a few. The winner can be proud of his performance: We at FRESCOTON® are.

Red Dot Jury 2014



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